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I was born in Belgium to a Belgian mother and an Italian father. My inherent duality meant I never really felt that I belonged to a single country. I find it to be an amazing experience to discover other cultures and meet people from all over the world. 


I spent most of my summers in Italy visiting my grandparents. During that period, I was in contact with nature but lived in a city the rest of the year.


My grandpa was a farmer and a beekeeper. He cultivated olive trees, almond trees, and wheat. In the moment, I did not realize how this estival journey would impact my creative work in the future.


In Belgium, I loved visiting my great aunt. She was a fascinating woman and ahead of her time—wearing pants and driving a car in 1934. She had an antique store replete with beautiful objects in Brussels. I was always amazed and curious. I helped her repair, retouch, and wax the old furniture and find original pieces at auction houses. When she took a day off, it was to visit museums or castles. She opened my mind, my eyes, and my soul to beauty and to art. I followed this calling and later graduated from a fine arts college in Belgium.


In 2001, I moved to Pittsburgh and took a metalsmithing class that opened up a new array of creative possibilities. It was here that I realized my love for every step of creation and manipulating different metals.


My favorite precious metal is sterling silver; it is elegant and noble. I love its patina over time and how it can be passed down from generation to generation as a testimony of affection and love.


My favorite shape is the circle. When we think of items shaped like circles in the world around us, many things come to mind. A circle represents wholeness. It is infinity, unity, and harmony. It has a feminine association and is connected to love, energy, and power.



Everything around me sparks inspiration. A walk in nature or on the beach provides a meditation-like experience. I can express myself with my hands and create a unique piece that someone will wear one day—feeling special, confident, and beautiful. This connection to the human experience is the most satisfying feeling and is the purest form of happiness for me.

I hope my work ignites a light inside you, too.






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